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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning. we're following breaking news right now an undercover police car goes flying in the wall after getting rear ended by another car. how the officers are doing this morning and the search for the driver who took off. first though take off those covers and open up the window it will feel like june today. lauren will let you know how
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long this record warmth will stick around. ii didn't even wear a jacket this morning. >> i didn't either, i have a thin wrap on and i was super comfortable. i didn't even need that. >> so nice. >> so nice and mild this morning, motivating weather to get you up and out of bed, maybe work out. >> maybe. >> i don't know if it will make you go to work necessarily but make outdoor plans. so you can take in some of this heat we have in store for today, yesterday feeling summer-like, looking summer like as well with sunshine. we have more clouds in place with the chance of the late day shower and temperatures are going to be soaring, once again and even to start this morning, we are much warmer then 24 hours, ago, and so ladies, we didn't need the coats this morning. leave them behind. twenty-four her temperature change we are up 12 degrees in philadelphia from this time yesterday morning. up 20 degrees in both allentown and reading, up 22 degrees in millville. we have a extremely mild air mass, in place, we're at
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60 degrees right the now in philadelphia our average high, temperature for the day is 50 degrees. so we're starting 10 degrees above that. fifty-seven in allentown. sixty in atlantic city and record to beat today is, 80 degrees. the old record 76, setback in 2006 and that record will go, bye-bye, as we establish a new one today with a high temperature of 80 degrees. we have a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds, in the afternoon hours, with a chance of the late day shower popping up, a little breeze picking up out of the southwest at ten to 15 miles an hour. overnight tonight we have a better chance of seeing scattered showers around, light in intensity, not too big of a deal, 56 degrees, very mild for our overnight low tonight and storm scan three is showing us right now much of the shower activity is off to the north. we will see cloud streaming in and especially north of philadelphia and in your seven day forecast, we have a chance of the the late day shower, better chances of showers overnight tonight. tomorrow is a nice day. 66 degrees. cooler on the back side
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overnight tonight and meisha, that is still 15 degrees above our average. >> eighty's, 60's who can complain with sunny will take any amount of rain to keep these temperatures. happy thursday, to you. if you are just waking up, grabbing your first cup of coffee let me be first to say i'm so happy you are with us. 422, taillights moving in the the eastbound direction at the turnpike. looking good. early risers out there we have been seeing steady flow, since about 4:30. delaware county look at how dark, quiet, 95 north at 452, takes us up to the airport. you're looking good in both directions. have one still traveling at posted speed, malvern, 202, headlights moving in the north bound direction moving in route 29 looking good plenty of vehicles looking good. everything is looking great this morning. norristown high speed line, that was delayed for a little while, back to normal, west trenton line is also back to normal after it was experiencing 20 minute delays. food forethought, check your
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scheduled on line, would i if i were you. first accident of the morning, still there doylestown pike in montgomeryville, vehicle went in the pole. we have down wires, use caution around this area or avoid it all together. back to you. back to our breaking news right the now, two philadelphia police officers blind sided when a driver slams into their car and then takes off. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from june yacht the a with the the very latest on than their condition, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, these were plainclothes officers out on patrol part of the tactic california team when they were involved in the hit and run accident. they were both taken to aria frankford hospital for treatment. fortunately we're told with minor injuries. here on the scene you can see at east erie avenue and g street remains their car. that is their unmarked cara begins the wall. police officers are still here this morning, doing the investigation, this ate hit and run happened 1:30 this morning. the suspect vehicle hit the
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police car from behind while it was moving. officers then lost control, hit a park car and crashed in the wall of the coca a coal facility in june yacht a the suspect car fled west on erie, it is a dark colored car with front end damage but there is in better description then that. the driver is still at large but police hope surveillance cameras in the area can help get them a better description of the car and possibly the driver. police again only suffered minor neck, back and leg injuries, they were plainclothes officers out on patrol in the 24th district when this all happened. back out here live on the scene their police carries still here that unmarked car now dark in the shad shadow there right against the coke facility. shift change just happened. workers are out taking a look what was left behind. we did speak to one of the employees earl ter day who was outside on his break and realized it was his park car that is now collateral damage in the hit and run, so he too has a costly expense on his hand as well. those police officers expect
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to be okay, taken to the hospital with minor injuries, erika, back inside to you. a germantown couple is talking about their dramatic escape after their home suddenly collapses overnight. you can see ruble scattered all over the street along 5100 block of merion street. bricks, debris, just every where there. residents say they were getting ready for bed when they suddenly heard something unexpected. >> just heard a rumble, and that is you will a and then just boom, boom, boom. >> yes. >> boom, boom. >> next thing you know it was on us. >> amazingry that couple was not hurt. red cross tells "eyewitness news" they are assisting nine displaced residents. cause of the collapse is under investigation. there will be a candle light vigil for new jersey state trooper, killed by,.
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and, burlington county, public safety center. the viewing is on sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and monday morning, from 8:00 to 11:30 at saint charles game me church in cinnaminson. funeral at a noon followed by burial at lake view memorial park. trooper keller was struck on i295 in gloucester county on monday night. he died a few hours later. cullen was a trooper for almost three years. so far in charges have been filed against the driver who struck him. police are looking for gunman who shot a teenager in a wheelchair in, west oak lane. investigators say three men approached the eight year-old and shot him twice on the 7200 block of limekiln pike. this happened just after 8:00 p.m. that teen is now fighting for his life. officers say the suspects were all wearing gray hooded sweat shirts. in word right now what led to that shooting. a 16 year-old boy is hit by a stray bullet in west philadelphia, police say that teen was hit when two men
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started arguing on green street and one of them pulled out a gun and fired shots off, shortly before 6:00 last night. other man was hit in the head and arm, the teen was struck in the arm and knee. police say children were just playing outside when the gun fire broke out. >> neighbors were out there. very decent neighborhood. kid are out in the beautiful weather playing. this occurred at this time of the night. >> unaudible. >> teen is expect to be treated and released from the hospital. twenty-five year-old man is in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made but police are looking for a gold colored car that fled the scene. right now 5:38. time for a check of your business news. a little less room for more airline passengers, jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and i bet they will charge us more for it too, right. >> reporter: of course, they are, good morning, erika.
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stocks finish higher yesterday, the seventh anniversary of the bull market. it is unclear if the the bears have started to take over here in wall street. dow jones jumped 36, nasdaq up 25. all eyes on the european central bank which meets in germany today. they are hoping the bank kill do more to help with the struggling european economy. trader joe's is recalling pistachio nuts because of the salmonella contamination sold in 16-ounce bags made best by used by day november 2014. trader joe's will issue a full refund. no illnesses have been reported. the coach class isn't crowded enough, united airlines is stuffing yet more people into the back of the plane. airline is adding seats to its boeing 777's, ten seats across instead of nine, that is a total of 20 more seats in each plane. other airlines do have ten across seating so, soon we will be sitting on each others lap is a at this point.
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>> so true. >> thanks very much. officials say it could cost more than a thousand dollars to repair vandalism at philadelphia's vietnam memorial. vandals damage the memorial and stole several star medal beyonds earlier this week. it is not the first time it has been vandalized. authorities say they will check security camera in their search for the suspects. still ahead talk about a rough landing, passengers duke it out after the plane touches down. see what spark the brawl in the cabin, path path. >> reporter: what does it take to put on a very good morning show? we will find out, say hi. >> hi. >> good. >> good. >> you look great. >> beck say hi. >> good morning. >> cage and becks in the morning from 96.5. we will tell you about that behind the scenes, all of the crazy stuff that goes on the
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there they are, philly a's hottest new morning radio team, cage and bex, will be lots of fun and keep you laughing on your morning commute. pat gallen joins us live from behind the scenes of 96.5-amp radio to introduce to us this great new morning team, pat, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. if you drive during morning
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hours you know how terrible the morning commute here is in philadelphia 95 every single day is a a complete disaster. schuylkill expressway, every day exact same thing, blue route. these roads, you need a little bit of help to get to work this morning. and who better to help then new morning show at 96.5-amp radio with cage and bex, here's a behind the scenes look. >> good morning. >> 96.5-amp radio philly new morning show cage and bex in the morning. >> voice changer turn on i want to get the voice on. >> reporter: morning commute in philadelphia can be dread full one but 96.5-amp radio is here to make it bearable with cage and bex. they gave me behind the scenes look at their new morning show. >> it is exciting. >> yeah, it is real, goofy, sometimes it makes sense. >> reporter: jason cage joins 96.5 from chicago but ready for high intensity of philly and doing it from his own style. first thing first you do the show barefoot.
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>> you cannot see that, it makes me feel very connect. i'm a goofy dude. i probably still am 12 years old mentally. >> yeah. >> bex keeps it grounded. >> reporter: bex knows what it is all about having been with 96.59 last three years. the she's looking forward to waking up with the city. >> in matter what is happening in the outside world, no matter what is happening at home you come in here for four hours you to what you love and you are making people in their cars forget about everything else. it is the best part about it. >> reporter: on the show nothing is off limits. >> really excited because he managed to find a receipt in the studio. >> so, i stopped inside the cushion of the seat we sit in, i see a receipt from the restaurant but it it says marie sullivan. >> it is time to bring outskirts, dresses rompers and open towed shoes because it finally feels like spring and i love it so much. i said it black blouse and
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black blazer and best parties that shoes. >> what would you say. >> would i say right before valentines day or on valentines day. >> top three. >> two biggest ones. >> around the holidays. >> two weeks before christmas. >> getting out of the present. >> on and off the air cage and bex necessity important of the host and listener relationship. >> i think for me that is the biggest thing is becoming part of our listener's families essentially. so it is more than just two of us here in the morning. >> we're just hanging out. >> reporter: cage has work to do to become familiar with his new city but he is getting there. >> it is learning the schuylkill and how to pronounce it. >> i love it. >> spell schuylkill. >> not the same way. >> s-k-o-u-e-g-l-e. >> so cage cannot spell schuylkill but we will work on that. >> okay. >> today they have big things coming up. show starts in 15 minutes or
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so. so bex big show today. >> we go live at 6:00 a.m. we have major concert news announcement happening at 9:00 s at 8:10. jammed packed show and we will talk about everything happening in the world. >> that is true. >> a lot of name people, kim kardashian being one of them. >> of course, i saw that photo, who hasn't. >> we will talk all about that. they will going to let me on the radio, will you let me on the radio this morning. >> yes. >> that is fine. >> i will go jump in the driver's seat and we will see you. >> we need a cool nickname, cage, bex and pat. >> yeah what should my milk name be, cage, bex and pg. >> nugget. >> i got nothing, erika, i got nothing. >> you found a new news room nickname nugget, thanks very much. >> we will be right back. we will check on the great
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forecast, lauren, day for open towed shoes. >> absolutely breaking out our spring and summer gear, giving earth the a twirl around town. yesterday you you could do that with record warmth in place. philadelphia we topped out at 82 degrees, breaking a record, record dating back to 1874 in philadelphia a. in allentown we topped at 84 degrees. best continuing record by 10 degrees. you can see all these readings at 80 degrees. we topped out at 73 degrees in mount pocono. a a very warm day yesterday temperatures mild to start this morning. 60 degrees in philadelphia 60 in mount pocono. lower 60's right now in reading, storm scan three showing us more clouds in place, a across the delaware valley, showers still for our north where they will remain through much of the daytime hours and better chance of showers as we head in the overnight period. future weather will show us that. some breaks in the cloud south of philadelphia, through first half of the day to day and then we will see a cold front
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approaching as we head into the night tonight and that will be our best chance of shower activity. then light to maryland rate shower activity working through especially after midnight in philadelphia, and then by 7:00 o'clock hour much of the rain has cleared through the area so we won't contend with that for our friday morning commute. clouds in place but quickly clearing out also as we head into midday sunshine returning for our friday afternoon and friday evening is looking great, with mostly clear conditions and mild temperatures in store and across the region for today definitely mild, record warmth again in philadelphia, up to 80 degrees with the chance of the late day shower. better chance of showers overnight tonight. down the shore better chance of showers in the evening hours, we could see showers sneaking in the poconos during the day time hours, high temperature near 70 degrees and then your weekend weather, we're cooler but still very mild, high temperatures in the middle 60's. meisha, best day of the weekend looks like saturday, sunshine and 64 degrees. >> who doesn't love a saturday, we all do.
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good morning, happy thursday. if you are just waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee roadways are looking good and nice and dry. i will say we have been now seeing more and more vehicles jumping on the the schuylkill, for example, vine, moving in the southbound direction. we can expect that at this time. this is schuylkill eastbound approaching gulph mills looking good but we will see plenty of headlights out there we will look at this in new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road, at 295, this is one of the the area we saw heat up the quickest and it is just continuing to do so. so i wouldn't say slow but it is certainly going to be slowing down on 42. blue route, headlights moving in the south bun direction at macdade boulevard. we have some activity pulled off to the shoulder, not causing too many slow downs. it is there and it is progressing through the morning. we have a down tree here in limerick, tree is blocking cherry lane, west cherry lane, at bella rosa court. make note of. that you will to have maneuver around this accident. doylestown pike near pine crest lane in montgomeryville we have reports of that that
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might be clearing out of the way. make note of that. back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. passengers had fighting spirit on the flight from baltimore to l.a. cell phone video shows a brawl on board a spirit airlines plate. it started when flight 141 landed and passengers started arguing about loud music. punches were thrown and fellow passengers jumped into break up the fight. in one was hurt but one passenger was sided. spirit airlines has in the commented. criminal who stole woman's hearts with his mug shot is a freeman. you may remember this guy right here jeremy meets. he became known as the hot felon, after his face was plastered all over the internet in 2014. meets just finished serving time for gun possession, and is now trying to put his good looks to use. meets says he is working on starting a modeling career. he posted this picture, with a celebrity photographer. we have seen harlem
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globetrotters recently treat like the pros but new we have a new trick up their sleeves and it is more fancy then this. but you have to see the crazy shot the that they hit, not once but twice, coming
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harlem globetrotter will play but they are up perhaps on the roof. you have to see this right here. menendez right there and thomas, do you see what they are doing. they fired shots from the roof to the parking lot below, yesterday. they didn't just make shots but they squished them too. extra point, right. keep watching here. talented guys. >> they used to play on the roof we're toll. they played a game on top of the spectrum in 2009. if they look familiar, we have them right here on our morning show about a week ago, talented guys. do you ever wonder how some of the most popular animated movies of all time are made, starting saturday a brand new exhibit opens up at franklin institute showing you, the science behind pixar hits like toy story. >> they are flying. >> this isn't flying, this is falling.
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>> to infinity and beyond. >> such a great movie. >> before the exhibit opens up to the public we will give awe first look on "eyewitness news". we will talk to a animate or but who they create favorite characters in movies. don't miss this tomorrow morning right here on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00 a.m. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", it is tax time and in one wants to get a audited. we have top four red flags that could alert the irs and get you aid ted. also, she's just lucky to be alive a mom well known for being a gun advocate is shot by her four year-old son, find out how he was able to get his hand on that weapon coming up. we are back at the top of the hour, good morning.
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we're following breaking news right the now, two philadelphia police officers, rear ended, sending their unmark car slamming into a wall. we're live with an update on their conditions and search for the driver that put them in the hospital. it went boom, then boom boom, and then boom, boom, boom. >> yeah. >> it was on us. >> a home suddenly collapses with several people inside, and wait until you hear what
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one of those residents had to do to escape. and, oh, we are getting spoiled by another beautiful day courtesy of mother nature. another day of summer like weather but there are changes ahead. we will see a little bit in the beginning of the sunrise there good morning it is march n tiehl. lauren out on the sky deck, meisha checking out the road. >> good morning. >> or i will just stay here. lauren, i know you are on the sky deck. >> i'm here, hey. i'm seeing it, how is it going. up's rolling without the jacket this morning. i'm not even being brave because temperatures are so mild to start us off on a thursday morning, after an extremely warm and summer-like day yesterday. we topped out at 82 degrees in philadelphia it was our earliest 82-degree or warmer day on record, that was 32 degrees above our average and our warmest temperatures since september 30th. for today record


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